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  • Scarlett123

    The wiki is DYING

    August 14, 2012 by Scarlett123

    Hello fellow members of The Hunger Games Roleplay Place. Wow. That sounded formal.

    Ok so what is up with the wiki? Like a few months ago it was really popular and now its going doooowwwnnnn....

    In slow motion. How dramatic. But really to be completely honest it's quite sad how people dont post anymore because we put a lot of work into this wiki and it got really big and now it's like it's just... Gone.

    So please if you have any spare time or if you're bored join a roleplay, edit a page, create a blog, comment on others blogs or go on chat because this wiki means a lot to many people.

    So yeah that's about it.


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  • Scarlett123

    What if...

    April 14, 2012 by Scarlett123

    So this is just another bloggy type of thing. So, like the title says: WHAT IF?! This is just going to be the beginning of a long funny blog series where I will make up some games and put the on a blog. So yeah.


    So I will ask you some questions that have to do with what if and you can post the answer down below in the comment box... Down there. It's down there right? Is it? Is it down there? I don't know... Is it? Yeah it is... It's down there. It definetely is. Alright fine, it's down there.

    LET'S GO!

    1. What if suddenly you had the chance to get sucked into any roleplay on here? Which roleplay would you choose?!

    2. What if suddenly you became ME?! What would you do?

    3. What if the voting for your countrys next president was dow…

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