aka Allie/Ari/Amelia

  • I live in District 4
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is Being a BOSS/Ninja/Doctor's Companion
  • I am a Girl
  • HereComeTheDrums


    June 3, 2012 by HereComeTheDrums

    Where the heck is everybody? It's been atleast 2 weeks and absolutly NOTHING has happened.


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  • HereComeTheDrums

    Yo Yo Yo!!! Allie/Ari/Finnick/Finnickis/BOSS here!

    So i started this super awesome Roleplaying thing, and it's closing soon.!

    I'd love it it you people joined!

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    This was My first roleplay ever. Can't believe I actually saved this.

    Starring- CKatie00909, Rainbow Shfter, Scarlett123, ME, and

    · 2:27 Katie00909 Seeing as Finnick, Cato, Clove And Glimmer are all dead, could we do a thing when the capitol has made this special type of Hg (Quater quell maybe), when they somehow bring selected fallen tributes back 2 life for a hg.

    · 2:28 Scarlett123 we can make something random

    · 2:28 FinnickisBOSS ok we shuld start

    · 2:28 Scarlett123 ya

    · lets start?

    · 2:30 FinnickisBOSS yes pwease :3

    · 2:30 Scarlett123 ok

    · whos doing the opening sentence

    · 2:30 FinnickisBOSS um...

    · 2:30 Scarlett123 fine ill do it

    · 2:30 FinnickisBOSS i kinda have to know what we r doing and ur character

    · 2:30 Scarlett123 The forest was getting darker and dark…

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    So hi. I kinda want to start a recurring Blog theme and i have no idea what to do. I'm thinking i'll post my fanfics/writing pieces or something, but i'm op[en to more ideas.



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  • HereComeTheDrums

    Yo. So I wanted to make a recurring blog post theme, but I have NO IDEA what to do.

    I'm thinking i'll finish my Maximum Ride Fan Fic and post it.

    I have an Idea! I'll just post all my fanFics or something.

    Wow, I need to get a life.



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