Powerplaying is a way of roleplaying that is against the rules and will not be tollerated more than twice with a warning.
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Powerplaying is when you for example say: Katniss shot the arrow at Marvel's chest and it hit him straight. You would have to say either:

"Katniss tried to shoot Marvel in the chest with her arrow." Or, "Katniss aimed to shoot Marvel in the chest with an arrow."

If you do not do so, you are controlling other peoples characters without their permission, but also yours. That is unfair for the others and not acceptable. Of course, if you are new on chat or on any forum and you powerplay, not knowing what it is, that is acceptable. But beware, we will give you a warning.

No more than three.

If you accidentely powerplay, admit it straight it away and apologize, explaining the accident, that will be accepted. Although, if it happens very often you will be kickbanned from chat, or, blocked.

We apologize if something happens to your account that you were not aware of, (e.g., hackers, friends trolling around) please contact an administrator straight away so they can unban you. But, you must first explain the incident, who banned you and why you think so.

If anyone catches you lying there will be consequences. So please be careful with your moves and do not powerplay. If you are familiar with seeing other users powerplay and an administrator or chat moderator isn't doing anything about it please leave a message on their talk page and we will take care of the problem.

Happy roleplaying, and may the odds be ever in your favour.